Cubed and crushed ice delivery

Shaken & Stirred Ice - Licence to Chill

No party is complete without lots of ice, and if you need it, we've got it. We are Oxfordshire's leading producer of ice. Available in 2KG and 10KG bags, you can either collect from us or we can deliver to your doorstep free of charge, whenever you need it.

Buy Bags of Ice for Delivery

If you ask any bartender what is the best type of ice, they will all say the same name - Hoshizaki. These Japanese machines make larger, clearer cubes and amazing crushed ice. This is why all of our ice machines are Hoshizaki. Obviously, the water used is perfectly safe for consumption but we run it through a UV filter for extra purity.

New for summer 2022 we now produce 45ml ice spheres which are larger than the cubes and melt slower

Our cubed and crushed ice is currently available in 10KG bags. Our ice spheres come in 2KG bags. Delivery is free within the Oxford ring road. Of course we can deliver outside the ring road but charges do apply.

4-9 bags

10KG Cubed - £7.50/bag

10KG Crushed - £8.50/bag

10+ bags

10KG Cubed - £6.50/bag

10KG Crushed - £7.50/bag

2KG ice spheres (approximately 50 balls) - £10.00/bag

Visit our sister site is The Oxford Ice Company


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