Ice Delivery

No party is complete without lots of ice, and if you need it, our sister company The Oxford Ice Co. is your first port of call.

Our cubed and crushed ice is available in 10KG bags. As a Special Order we also do boxes of 6 x 2KG bags of cubed ice.

Our stunning 45ml ice spheres come in 2KG bags.

Delivery is free within the Oxford ring road with a minimum order of 4 x 10KG bags. Of course we can deliver outside the ring road but minimum orders and delivery charges do apply.

4-9 bags

10KG Cubed - £7.50/bag

10KG Crushed - £8.50/bag

10+ bags

10KG Cubed - £6.50/bag

10KG Crushed - £7.50/bag

2KG ice spheres (approximately 50 balls) - £10.00/bag

Visit our sister site The Oxford Ice Co.


Place Your Ice Order

Please select the amount of ice you require, your contact details and delivery date. Please be sure to include a daytime telephone number we can contact you on.

Ice delivery zone. Contact us for deliveries outside the zone