Glass & Equipment Hire

We have a small but excellent selection of bar based glassware & professional bar equipment available for hire

9oz Inverness Highballs
Ideal for long cocktails, spirit & mixers and soft drinks.
Cases of 25 - £6.25/case

9oz Inverness Old Fashioned
Ideal for short cocktails and top shelf spirits.
Cases of 25 - £6.25/case

Teardrop wine glasses
A simple, durable wine glass. Ideal for either red, white or rose.
Cases of 25 = £6.25/case

Teardrop champagne flutes
An elegant flute, perfect for simple sparkling wines or champagne cocktails.
Cases of 36 - £10.80/case

5oz Artis martinis glasses
The classic cocktail glass for the perfect martini.
Cases of 16 - £5.60/case

Sling Glasses
The Sling is a tall glass, associated with the classic Singapore Sling. The fluted design helps to keep in the carbonation.
Cases of 25 - £8.75/case

Pint Glasses
The classic pint glass for the traditional ale drinkers.
Cases of 25 - £6.25/case

All prices are + VAT. Minimum orders apply + delivery/collection charges - email us for more details.

Our glass hire delivery service is available in Oxfordshire

Glasses can be returned dirty. Lost/broken glasses will be charged for at cost.

Bar equipment availability on request

Contact us through our Get in Touch page or drop a note to [email protected] for more information.


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